Marco Schonhaut creates the name McDollar!


Marco Schonhaut is called Mr. McDollar by his friends


Mr.McDollar enrolls in college to become an engineer


Mr.McDollar makes digital innovation his professional life


Mr. McDollar after his studies enters Dlab-CINECA, the inter-university research centre for innovation and business intelligence promotion in Italy


Mr. McDollar co-founds and directs a consulting company for data analytics and enterprise digitalization projects.


Mr. McDollar starts the free profession as advisor in the field of digital innovation


Mr. McDollar conducts Strategic Planning SW Software Projects and Mobile Apps


Mr. McDollar becomes trainer and executive advisor for the Digital Transformation for international corporations


Mr. McDollar collaborates with large consulting companies for international clients to define and plan digital strategies


Mr. McDollar becomes a teacher for the Luiss Business School in the master executive programs related to Big Data and Digital Transformation


Mr. McDollar founds the Schonhaut Advisory STP company e registers the McDollar Brand


McDollar is born as the first company exclusively focused on leading the Digital Transformation processes


Questa intervista svela le origini di McDollar e come il suo fondatore abbia lavorato tutta la sua vita per realizzare il progetto McDollar. 

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Note: The original interview was held in Italian language, this is an automatic translation.

McDollar is the brand created to be the reference guide for companies that want to evolve and progress thanks to digital transformation. McDollar is the first Italian company dedicated exclusively to support for Digital Transformation projects, offering companies innovative and unique products and services aimed at developing greater independence, awareness and optimization of their digital strategies in the era of Big Data.

But what are the origins of McDollar and the reasons for his name?

McDollar's etymology dates back to 1988 when its creator, Eng. Marco Schonhaut then 14 years old, fantasizing with his best friend, Matteo, of their bright future in business, each created their own brand with which they would do something important in life. “I had created McDollar, while Matteo had invented Mats & Co. We spent the hours fantasizing about who would become more important in life and would leave a tangible mark on society "recalls the creator of the brand" every time that happened we branded each other's things with their own symbol to want to "mark the territory" and to underline our desire for affirmation. We were just teenagers but this stimulated us to do something important!

"Graphically, the idea arises from the fact that the superimposed initials of" Marco Schonhaut "create the shape of the dollar symbol, which is a universally recognized symbol of prosperity and wealth.
"I was fond of Walt Disney comics, I loved their infinite creativity in producing always different stories without ever repeating themselves." then recalls Eng. Schonhaut “The character I most admired was Scrooge Mc Duck. Compared to most of my peers in him I did not dwell on his stinginess, in which I do not recognize myself at all, but I was passionate about his proactivity, the ability to do business and see in everything an opportunity by dragging his entire team with himself in his successes! ". Just from Scrooge Mc Duck the idea of using the prefix Mc is taken as a cue, which means to be "son of a lineage" and gives importance to Scottish surnames since ancient times, as well as the "De" in Italy or the "Von " in Germany.
Thus was born McDollar, the "Son of the Dollar" which today has finally taken shape and has become a recognizable brand with an important ambition: to help companies make progress by doing business and creating wealth and prosperity!
"I used the English language" declares Eng. Marco Schonhaut “to give the brand an international breath (hence the choice of using“ Mc ”instead of“ De ”or“ Von ”) and because the dollar is linked to the English language. I have always found the United States of America - Scotland association interesting as it gives a sense of intercontinental bond. If you then consider that I am Italian and have a surname of German origin, internationalization is done! At the moment, internationality is only in the name, but in our projects we want to bring McDollar to be recognized everywhere, because we believe we can make an important contribution not only in Italy! " (The interview was done in 2020 ed.)

McDollar remained in store in Marco Schonhaut's thoughts and plans for several years. "I began to fall in love with data and technological innovation as soon as I crossed this branch in my studies, and since then I have always followed a career path that led me to never sit down". Marco Schonhaut has been professionally interested since 1999 in everything digital, progress and future vision, holding the roles of researcher, entrepreneur and consultant in the world of data analysis, responsible for the development of software modules for international companies, Management Consultant in the field of digital innovation and Digital Transformation.
"I never wanted to get stuck in positions that would not allow me to feed my desire for knowledge and growth and the more you look for the more there is, knowledge is made up entirely of connected disciplines that interact synergistically as a complex multicellular organism and it is wonderful to understand the laws that govern these relationships…. ". "In my life I have personally experienced and helped to give birth to various business projects, even of acclaimed success, but no one was McDollar yet because I didn't want to" throw away "the brand by selling it off for a trivial project, which did not have a deep meaning . I have always thought and believed in this project of mine, so much so that as soon as I had the chance I bought the mcdollar.it domain, keeping it aside for when it would be ready to be used to do something of value. The .com consideration was unfortunately already taken, I waited years but then I managed to win that too ... and it cost me! Many will say it's just a domain name and it wasn't worth the money investing in these things, but it matters to me! McDollar has a soul and a deep meaning for what I've always wanted to do for the community! It brings me back to my most ancestral motivations, when in a small room I fantasized with my best friend about our future! " This motivational boost immediately proved necessary for Marco Schonhaut to bring to light the McDollar project: born just two months before the outbreak of the world pandemic, it was also initially opposed even by McDonalds, which wanted to prevent the use of the brand on the street. of the distant assonance of the name and with which, however, Eng Schonhaut managed to find an agreement, where many more established and extensive companies have failed. ”I have to thank my law firm for this, which guided me and suggested the best. Everyone told me to let go and change Brand, but I didn't want to give up even if the moment was convulsive and all the plans that are fragile for a startup had been skipped. My Attorney immediately understood this feeling of mine and together we were able to find the right agreement to use McDollar in the world!
It is really true that when you put yourself on the market, others often hinder you for fear that the new entry could damage their started business and I have learned it well. But everything that has happened to me has tested my motivation, testing its tenacity and genuineness, making me stronger!

“For over 30 years, Marco Schonhaut has been called by his friends“ Mr. McDollar ”, and now Mr. McDollar is ready to share the value of his brand to the world with McDollar: Expand your digital awareness!